What is Lightspark? Discover the Energy-Saving Solution for Your Home

What is Lightspark? Discover the Energy-Saving Solution for Your Home

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If you’re reading this, we’re sure you have a few questions. One of those questions might be: how exactly does Lightspark work?

It’s simple: we’re here to help you take control of your home comfort and save money, through intuitive, user-driven systems and innovations that bring the Green Revolution to your home.

At Lightspark, we want to help you save money on energy. The core of our model is the Lightspark Home Energy Score, a proprietary model that measures home energy and carbon output through a series of measurement models, and gives you a Lightspark Score. This score, on a scale of 1-100, reflects how energy efficient your home is. When you sign up, you’ll have access to Lightspark Scores for yourself, your family, friends, and neighbours, so you can understand how your home stacks up against those around you.

But we don’t just stop there. Lightspark is solutions-based, and that’s why we have developed relationships with dozens of home improvement providers and contractors, all with the goal of providing you with the renovation and optimization options that you need to raise your Lightspark Score, and save money. Our model will help you identify areas in which you can improve your home’s energy efficiency – whether that be replacing windows and draft proofing your home to prevent heat leakage, or replacing your existing light bulbs with energy-efficient LED ones. Our solutions-based program will provide you with the answers to your energy efficiency questions, and the contacts to follow through on our suggestions and save money.

Why should you prioritize energy efficiency and carbon reduction in your home? The reasons are myriad, but if you want a simple one: energy efficient homes have higher value. According to a National Association of Home-Builders survey, over 80% of home buyers desire basic efficiency modifications like Energy-Star appliances, windows, and lighting, while homes with higher energy efficiency ratings sold for 2.7% higher costs (on average) than those with low scores. Consumers know that energy efficiency and carbon reduction is an investment that pays itself back immediately, and the move towards prioritizing energy efficiency in the real estate market will be a game-changer in the coming years.

Think of Lightspark as empowering you to control your home’s carbon footprint and monthly utility bills. We take the guesswork out of utility costs by providing you with an intuitive Score that reflects a combination of efficiency factors. Not sure where to look for solutions? We’ve got that, too. 

Data and solutions, at your fingertips. Whether you’re a homeowner or a realtor, the adage of ‘more is more’ truly applies here. We’ll help you find that more with a registration process that takes no more than five minutes to complete, and a Lightspark Score that takes even less time to understand. So why wait? Register today and empower yourself with the information you need to put more money in your pocket, and increase the value of your most important financial asset – your home. 

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