Understanding The Efficient Home

The average home in Alberta is losing a whopping $931 in heating costs per year

Some homes are comfortable year-round with little-to-no energy bills. Other homes are heating the outdoors while the homeowners have chilly toes. Which home sounds like yours? Or do you fall somewhere in between?

Live Net Zero & National Geographic Collaboration

Ten weeks, five families, one goal: Lower emissions.

Live Net Zero & Canadian Geographic Collaboration
Canadian Geographic
Lightspark Inc.
Scotia Bank

Live Net Zero & Canadian Geographic Collaboration

We partnered with Canadian Geographic to reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change. Follow along as each family competes in a series of carbon-reduction themed challenges in Canadian Geographic’s new Live Net Zero program. Each family will seek to cut their household’s carbon emissions, reduce their spending on energy, and share what they learn along the way in their journey to live net zero.

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