Pump Out the Summer Heat With Heat Pumps

Pump Out the Summer Heat With Heat Pumps

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Probably due to having the word ‘heat’ in their name, homeowners are often confused as to how heat pumps work in the summer.

Believe it or not, these ironically-named HVAC systems are extremely effective at helping cool down homes in the summer heat. Think of them as a kind-of reverse air conditioner – by using a coil that functions as a condenser, heat pumps actually absorb excess heat from your home in the summer months, and transfer that heat outside. Studies have shown that heat pumps remain effective even in the grip of a heat wave, with the ‘reverse ventilation’ system transferring the stifling heat in your home back outside.

We already know from previous articles that heat pumps are particularly effective at saving you money on your winter electricity bill by heating at a much more energy-efficient click. They do not use a conventional fuel source like natural gas to run, and studies have shown that they use significantly less electricity than furnace systems and most portable air conditioners

To maximize the cooling benefits of a heat pump in the summer, it is important to keep an eye on the settings that you keep your system on. Most heat pumps have an AUTO setting that will automatically switch between heating and cooling settings in order to maintain an optimal temperature. This could mean that, as your home cools off at night, the pump kicks into heating mode, using energy unnecessarily. In the summer, ensure that you switch your heat pump to COOLING mode when it gets hot – this will ensure that the heat pump operates only when it is necessary and remains dormant (and saves energy) when it isn’t needed.

It’s important to note that heat pumps aren’t actually generating cold air in the home; there’s no ‘fan’ component, nor will you have the dry, cool output of conditioned air pumping into the home. In fact, you may not notice much of a fluctuation in your home’s temperature and comfort from morning, through to the afternoon and evening – which is, of course, exactly the point. Heat pumps are only concerned with taking the excess heat out of your home, maintaining a stable and comfortable temperature

So if you’re looking for a way to efficiently stay cool this summer AND save on your electricity bills, consider a heat pump. Don’t let the name fool you – it’ll pump that heat right out of your home, and give you a comfortable, conditioned home environment at a significantly lower cost than conventional HVAC systems. 

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