What Is Lightspark Engage?

What Is Lightspark Engage?

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Lightspark is the next generation of homeowner energy optimization. But what does it mean for you the homeowner? How can you get our wealth of information in your hands?

At the heart of our mission is Lightspark Engage, a platform designed to make reducing carbon and energy in the home easier. Lightspark Engage was designed with one central goal in mind: bring as much information to the consumer as possible, to help them save money and make a more comfortable home, and enable them to design and maintain the home of their dreams while ensuring their environmental footprint is a positive one. 

It all starts with the primary function of the platform: a centralized hub that brings together homeowners, stakeholders, tradespeople, realtors, and more, all with the goal of meeting energy targets faster, and making stronger returns on investment. We’ve pieced together a network of hundreds of contacts, each of which is directly accessible and contactable via the platform. 

The first thing you’ll see on the platform is your Lightspark Score – a simple, scaled score from 1-100 that relays your home’s current energy efficiency. The score is based on building and data science, and is reflective of dozens of factors and scoring criteria. With it, we’re simply looking to provide you with data – not make a judgment. 

After you get your Lightspark Score, we’ll provide you with a network of Trades, Utilities, Banks, City contacts, and more – all geared towards helping you optimize your home’s energy costs and put money back in your pocket. Need your windows replaced in order to prevent drafts and heat leakage? We’ll find you the right tradespeople. Want to know what kind of loans, grants, or fiscal assistance you’re eligible for? We’ll provide you with a network of assistance programs, and point you in the right direction. Just want to see how your energy score compares to the homes around you? Check out the energy map. You’ll see colours and scores, each corresponding to how you and your neighbours look from the standpoint of energy efficiency and carbon output. 

It’s all part of our goal of bringing the power back to the homeowner, and providing a central hub for all things carbon and energy reduction. You want to make informed, effective decisions – we can get you there, with Lightspark Engage. 

Want to know more about the platform, and about how Lightspark Engage can put the power back in your hands? Get in touch with us today, and we’ll get you started on the platform quickly and easily.

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