The Home Upgrades Program Is a Gamechanger for Albertan Homeowners

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The Home Upgrades Program Is a Gamechanger for Albertan Homeowners

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Kambo Energy Group and the Alberta Ecotrust Foundation partner to help with energy affordability in the province

If you’re a homeowner in Calgary or Edmonton who is struggling with the rising cost of energy, help may be on the way.

Kambo Energy Group, a Canadian energy solutions enterprise, is partnering with the Alberta Ecotrust Foundation to launch an innovative program aimed at helping those most in need in Alberta’s two largest cities. 

The initiative is called the Home Upgrades Program, and it’s an innovative move towards educating and empowering Albertan homeowners to face the ongoing challenges associated with the climate crisis. The plan seeks to – among other things – provide energy conservation-based retrofits and energy education programs to eligible families in Calgary and Edmonton, free of charge.

With one-in-five Alberta households experiencing ‘high home energy cost burden’, a solution was desperately needed for lower-income homeowners aiming to lower t

heir emissions and cut down on energy bills. As a global leader in energy production, Alberta was surprisingly the only Canadian province without some kind of energy savings support plan. The Home Upgrades Program provides direction and solutions for those who need it most.

To that end, the program promises to give back to Alberta through its process. The organization has vowed to hire locally, and has already helped over 5,000 households across the province lower their energy costs, and retrofit to meet modern demands. The application process is simple: just Apply here with some basic home information, and a representative will contact you on information pertaining to your eligibility and needs. 

For more information on the Home Upgrades Program, check out the press release here, or visit their website at

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